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Discover the Open Dialogues on Climate Change!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Hello dear friends on the Internet! It's our pleasure to welcome you to the brand new website of the Open Dialogues International Foundation and tell you a story about the Open Dialogues on Climate Change!

Have a look around and make yourself comfortable, as we take you for a journey to another world. A world where our Planet Earth is green, safe, and beautiful. Where people have learned to live in harmony with nature and with each other. Where the greatest global challenges can be solved by cooperation, listening to each other, and working on common solutions together. Where we have stopped fighting against each other and started fighting together against the most serious issues, such as the climate crisis. Where all voices matter and no person or group is left behind.

This is the world of Open Dialogue. So now - let's make this world our reality!

You can join us in this mission! Follow our activities and this website to learn more and get involved. We are waiting for you!

Check out the most important sections of our website:

About the Open Dialogues International Foundation:

Organize an Open Dialogue on Climate Change in your country:

About the Open Dialogues on Climate Change project

The idea of the Open Dialogues on Climate Change (ODCC) is organizing inclusive dialogues between stakeholders concerning the climate crisis. We bring together the voices of different social groups, allowing them to meet, engage in a conversation, and create proposals of specific solutions and system changes which we aim to implement in real life.

The Dialogues take place in different countries, with a goal of producing relevant political and social outcomes both on the national and international levels. The idea is based on equality, its purpose is to allow a truly open discussion of all social groups without hierarchy or any other limitations. As part of the first edition of the ODCC in 2021, more than 200 people joined our team and 13 Open Dialogues happened in 8 countries on 3 continents. We summarized the outcomes and presented our international recommendations during an official side event at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Since 2022 the project is coordinated by the Open Dialogues International Foundation.

Follow us on social media to stay updated!

See you soon!

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