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The Open Dialogues International Foundation works every day to create a more open, equal, and sustainable world.


Founded in January 2022 by Zuzanna Borowska, the Open Dialogues International Foundation is an international NGO registered in the Republic of Poland. It is dedicated to the values of dialogue, cooperation, sustainable development, democracy, and equality for all. Besides coordinating the Open Dialogues on Climate Change, the Foundation organizes various educational activities and awareness-raising campaigns, supports grassroots initiatives, as well as engages in local, national, and global advocacy to represent the voices of marginalized groups.

The Charter of the Foundation outlines our objectives as the following:


1. Conducting activities in the field of public benefit activities and all socially useful activities in the field of:

a) charity work,

b) activities for the equal rights of women and men,

c) activities supporting the development of local communities,

d) science, education and upbringing,

e) activities for children and adolescents, including recreation for children and adolescents,

f) activities for the benefit of ecology and animal protection, as well as the protection of natural heritage,

promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms, civil liberties, as well as activities supporting the development of democracy,

g) activities for the benefit of European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between societies,

promotion and organization of volunteering.


2. Carrying out activities for an open intergenerational dialogue,


3. Creating a space for discussion and exchange of opinions for representatives of various social groups,


4. Representing the interests and needs of Polish society in the sphere of national and international politics,


5. Conducting activities to support the representation of the voice of the Polish society in the legislative processes of the Republic of Poland, in particular in the field of climate policy,


6. Promoting activities for climate protection, as well as climate and environmental education at various levels,


7. Promoting social participation, public access to information, public awareness, and responsible attitudes towards climate change,


8. Promoting the idea of ​​sustainable development and international cooperation.

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