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All the information for the Open Dialogues on Climate Change organizers


Open Dialogues on Climate Change

Guidelines for Organizers 2024

The guidelines for organizers outline the mission, vision, values and goals behind the project, as well as describe its proposed format and outcomes. The document advises prospective organizers on ways of implementing the project on a national level and describes means of coordination and evaluation on the international level. It also includes an overview of the application process to host an Open Dialogue.

All your questions answered in one place!

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Curious to see what happened in different countries during the previous editions of Open Dialogues?

Check out the livestream from our official side event at the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland!

And the BRAND NEW livestream from the side event that we held in December 2023 at the COP28 in Dubai, UAE! Featuring an interactive discussion on open dialogue and participatory approaches as tools for climate action, as well as a national and global summary of ODCC 2023!

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