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Open Dialogues on Climate Change are back! Apply and become an ODCC national organizer

The application process for country organizers for the 3rd edition of the Open Dialogues on Climate Change project is NOW OPEN!

Now is the time for YOU to make a difference. We welcome passionate people of all backgrounds, all nationalities, all ages... We want to hear your stories, learn about the unique points of view shared by your community, and empower you to take concrete actions to fight climate change.

What are the Open Dialogues on Climate Change?

The idea of the Open Dialogues on Climate Change (ODCC) is organizing inclusive dialogues between stakeholders concerning the climate crisis. We bring together the voices of different social groups, allowing them to meet, engage in a conversation, and create proposals of specific solutions and system changes which we aim to implement in real life.

How can you apply?

You have to find a team, plan your Open Dialogue together, and then submit an application form to tell the ODCC international team about your idea. When your application is accepted, your team will officially become an ODCC national team and you will be set to start organizing your event!

The deadline to submit your application this year is 20 April 2023.


~Zuzanna Borowska

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