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APPLICATIONS OPEN! Become a national Open Dialogue organizer!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Do you believe that dialogue is an important element in fighting the environmental challenges? Would you like to organize an Open Dialogue on Climate Change in your community? Keep reading! We have something special for you!

We have decided to open the 2022 applications for ODCC National Teams!

We are waiting for applications between the 7th of March and 30th of April 2022. Find a team, fill the application form, and organize an Open Dialogue on Climate Change in your country with the support of our international team! We welcome people from all background, all age groups, and all nationalities. What you need is an idea, an open mind, and a willingness to create a space where all voices will come together and meaningful, solution-oriented conversations will take place.

What are the benefits?

  • Improving your communication, management, and teamwork skills

  • Partnerships and many possibilities to speak publicly about the current climate situation in your countries with the support of the ODCC international team

  • Joining a global network of likeminded people, regular meetings for national organizers, promotional and logistical support for your events

  • Opportunity to participate in the COP27, be featured during our summary event, and contribute to our international campaigns

Do you want to join our journey to help the planet? YOU CAN. You can make a change today because your voice does matter. If you have time, are interested, and are ready to put in some effort, then don't hesitate and apply!


More information:

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