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Leave a donation for the Open Dialogues International Foundation

Support us in making a difference!

You support and follow ODIF campaigns and events, but you CANNOT act in person in our team? You can support us just as significantly in another way!

Your even symbolic few dollars, as much as one coffee in the city, will help us organize Open Dialogues on Climate Change and other events, realize new projects, and publicize the topics of sustainability, inclusivity, and equality every day!

We operate globally, and the content on our social media is actually a fraction of the daily work of all members of the project and foundation.

You can now support us easily through this fundraiser:


We are currently working on an automated payment system, but this will also only be possible with your help!


Each donation means a lot to us and shows that there are more and more people who are not passive, who care about the world and the society, and who want to make our lives better.

Thank you!

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