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How to empower women in digital spaces? We now know!

The second online event in our "DialogueON" series was a success!

10 days ago, on 10 April 2023, a group of wonderful people gathered on a Zoom call to participate in the second event of Open Dialogues International's online dialogue series: "DialogueON Women Empowerment: Women in Digital Spaces".

Our meeting began with a very insightful and inspiring presentation by our powerful speaker, Selma Bichbich. Selma is a highly active social and climate youth activist who has devoted herself to promoting positive change and advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She has been involved in a wide range of programs and organizations, including serving as an SDSN fellow, the contact point for the Human Rights Working Group at YOUNGO, and the GST Communication Officer at SDG7 Youth Consistency.

In addition, Selma is a board member and co-founder of the MENA Youth Network, founder of the Together for Blue and Green organization, and a Max Thabiso Edkins Global Climate Ambassador.

Selma talked about the benefits of improving women inclusion in the STEM field and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the barriers we are still facing in this process, and certain strategies to improve the current situation of women in the digital spaces. Our audience quickly started responding to her questions and ideas, sharing their own experiences and thoughts, and proposing more actions to empower women. As always, we heard from people with many different backgrounds and we could feel some inspiring energy in our group as the conversation unfolded. Most interestingly, the engagement was mostly equal both on the women and men's side.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and watched! See you at our next events!

~Zuzanna Borowska

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